A new way to watch movies

For Khaila al Abriya, a young woman working for a services company, watching a film with her family in a theatre has always been a cumbersome affair. She felt that while people are watching the film, a few of these stares are directed at her and her family and being a very private person, makes the experience very uncomfortable.
Once the film is finished, she leaves the theatre immediately not accustomed to so many strangers around.
This was always the case of her movie experience until she came to know about a theatre that allows her to watch her favourite film at the comfort tantamount to her home with her beloved ones at the theatre in Araimi complex.
Lunar Cinema, opened its doors to the public under the auspices of Sayyida Hujaija bint Jaifar al Said, Chairperson of the Association of Children with Disabilities, coinciding with the Muscat International Film Festival.
The cinema allows people to watch their favourite movies just as one watch them at their home theatre and it is the first of its kind in the country. Several of the festival movies will be shown at the five theatres of Lunar.
“This theatre is one of its kind in Oman, it is worth 1 million dollars,” Khalid al Nabhani, an avid filmgoer said.
He shared, “This theatre aims to enrich the cinema culture in the Sultanate through launching competitions and special offers which are provided in line with the different events and special occasions. Moreover, the Cinema engages itself with the society through various activities.”
‏‎‏‎The cinema is divided into three categories such as private rooms, two-person seats, and ordinary movie theatre seats with special services while providing complete privacy for the users of the private rooms. The private rooms have three categories with capacities of 7, 8 and 10 persons.
The users can choose the time and type of the film they want to watch in a completely private room at their convenience.
‏‎‏Adding to its many magnum opuses, the ergonomic sitting can be controlled by the user. The theatre provides a blanket, pillow, mobile charging-wire and Wi-Fi. The moviegoer will be spoiled for choice of diverse ala-carte menu which includes fresh drinks, burger, pizza, popcorn, nachos, different types of salad, hot drinks, and many other.
‏‎‏At a time when the local cinema scenario is fast developing with many homegrown productions currently underway and the biennial international film festival to begin on March 26, a breakthrough concept of individual movie theatre is a major step towards enriching the world of movies in the country and to give birth to many movie moguls from the Omani soil.