A miniature museum in Suhar showcases Omani marine heritage

Being invited to the home of Abdullah al Muqbali in the village of Afifa in Suhar is like taking a trip down memory lane. It is an invitation that you would gladly accept as this gentleman from North al Batinah Governorate has converted a portion of his home into a miniature museum dedicated to some ancient marine tools and mementoes — his way of restoring the memory of ancient Omani maritime heritage.
The idea of the museum came through making various miniature models of marine tools that sailors used in ancient times to search for pearls.
The museum boasts a group of natural seashells of various shapes and sizes and several ancient marine tools such as the “din” which is used for diving and is worn around the neck.
There is also the “kibal” which is used to be tied to fishing nets to make them float above the water. The “kibal” is made from the trunks of palm trees, and the diving stones which a diver wears on the leg and weighs about four kilograms.
Abdullah al Muqbali, through his mini collection, has participated in many international exhibitions where he displayed these tools used in ancient times in diving and fishing. His collection drew a crowd as the pieces that are part of the collection introduce the Omani marine heritage to visitors. Abdullah is proud of his efforts to collect these items over the years.