A lifelong bond with art

For Muscat resident Rashmi Dauria, art is much more than just a pastime, an opportunity to spend time on what you think you can portray on canvas but an avenue to contemplate, reflect and manifest one’s own thoughts, feelings and mental transactions from day to day life.

Her dozens of art pieces are a good indicator that art has always been a big part of her life for they are also testament not only of her life in Oman but of the time she spent in her home in the Indian city of Pune.
What she went through, the emotions of the yesteryears were all etched in each of her work.
A repertoire of her paintings was on display at the lounge of City Seasons as part of an expo opened by Dr J Retnakumar, Chairman of Bhavalaya, a platform for performing arts and cultural renaissance, recently.
People from all walks of life, not to mention the art aficionados and artists, journalists, housewives, engineers, poets, entrepreneurs and the like were given an opportunity to take a peek into the things that mould her — the human relations, nature, traditional lifestyle etc all speaking so loudly about the bygone era.

“For me, art and painting is not a hobby. Rather, it’s the way to express me, my emotions, my feelings and my inner voice to the rest of the world. I find serenity, peace, and tranquillity when I paint and when I’m involved in giving the final touches to each of my work,” Rashmi said. Rashmi’s continuing odyssey into the fascinating and colourful world of art and painting started as a toddler. As a child prodigy, she was captivated with crayons and colours. True to the saying that artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons, Rashmi continued with her magnificent obsession to create more and more enthralling pieces, some of which were on display at the expo.
Her works make an attempt to open the eyes of the viewer to the many overlooked beauties that are sometimes right in front of us, yet often we do not see.
“Art is a platform where one expresses their inner, untold feelings and communicate with the world in their own language, a language created by strokes and colours, a language formed mixing the hues of life and the above could not be truer than in the case of Rashmi Dauria, whose paintings we celebrate through this exhibition,” said Dr J Retnakumar.
As a prolific artist with over four decades of hands-on experience, Rashmi showcases her creativity by using various media such as watercolour, oil on canvas, acrylics on canvas, waterproof inks and many others. A multi-faceted and talented person, she also expresses her versatility through clay modelling, glass painting, and charcoal sketching as well.
Rashmi is a Diploma Holder in Commercial Art from the prestigious Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts in Mumbai, one of the leading art institutes in Asia. With a strong academic background, she is well aware of the nuances of the art and science of fine art. A star performer throughout her college career, Rashmi was honoured with a fellowship at the Institute for her outstanding performance.
After her education and before becoming a full-time artist of repute, Rashmi stepped into the world of commercial art as a graphic designer with some of the leading advertising agencies in India. During her advertising stint, she helped create several memorable consumer brands with her unique ideas and refreshing concepts and continued to do so during her early years in Oman.
Today, Rashmi regularly takes up projects on assignment for corporates and individual buyers. She is a member of the Bombay Art Society as well as the Dubai International Art Center. Rashmi Dauria is a prominent member of the art scene in Oman and has exhibited in several solo and multi-artist exhibitions.