A leader like no other

Nayanne Luiz de Souza da Silva Brito –

WHEN I think about His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, a defining word comes in my mind: “humanist”. Nowadays, in a very complex world, with so many challenges, the humanists are essentials, for they enlighten our conscious guiding us as an endless light to the right path. His Majesty Sultan Qaboos with his serenity and wisdom transformed not only Oman, but also the entire region.

Nayanne Luiz de Souza da Silva Brito

Internally he built a modern and tolerant society, embracing difference, welcoming everyone as a beloved person. His Majesty gave priority to education, culture and heritage in order to transform the country.
This transforming vision is reflected in the way that Omanis are. They are proud of their origin, their leader, but at the same time want to learn from other peoples’ experiences, without prejudice against anyone. As a Brazilian, I was always welcomed. There were times that they changed their way to help me. I have never seen this behaviour elsewhere.
Externally, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos was the master of peace, building trust, respect and bringing stability to the region. The bridges he built are unbreakable, because they were erected based on the truth, sincerity and goodwill. He was able to place the Sultanate in a very distinguished position before other nations and leaders.
Under the leadership of His Majesty, Oman became a land of opportunities, not only for Omanis, foreigners alike.
Talking about foreigners, during our four years in this magic country, my husband and I, could experience how wonderful are the Omani people and the unforgettable landscapes. God was generous with us, when we had the opportunity to experience something unique in our lives. Something difficult to express by words, but we feel in our hearts.
We wept when we knew about his death. As I said, a humanist is essential to the humanity. He died, but his legacy will last forever.
One Brazilian philosopher says, “I don’t want to be immortal, I want to be eternal.” It means that a man is above all what he did, not only what he was. His deeds transcend the boundaries of his country, reaching history.
Someone may have a good life, with good opportunities, and a generous heart. However only great men shape the world. His Majesty was this great man. Only enlightened men can guide the humanity and His Majesty was this man.
I hope one day to come back to Oman and feel the good energy and happiness of Omani people. My husband used to say that when he was in Oman he felt at home. He remembered his father, who died months before our departure to Muscat. He used to say that if his father was alive he would love Oman, especially the Souq of Muttrah, with its colours and smells, the dishdashas and abayas. In fact, Muttrah Souq is a magic and mystical place and I love it too.
This good energy and happiness come from Sultan Qaboos and his leadership. God, the Almighty, chooses wise leaders and gives them means to lead and spread His peace. He was a master of peace, like any other in more than 40 years.
In despite of the sadness I feel, I am sure that Oman will continue to be a nation of peace and prosperity, because Omani people will honour Sultan Qaboos’s legacy. They know that their beloved leader devoted his whole life to them.
I am sure that the new leader His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik will in his manner preserve the legacy of peace and prosperity, following his predecessors. Peace be upon him and his people.

The writer is a Brazilian who was a resident in Oman between 2012 and 2016