A journey begins

By Lakshmi Kothaneth — MUSCAT: MARCH 6 – The new journey is called Observer Discussion.  It is a platform where we get to meet experts in the chosen field of our topic of the month. Our first edition reflected the society — the evolving social media.  We talk about smart phones, smart machines and systems that might even automate many jobs.  We are in the era of the social technology and your qualification can even change status depending on the new media literacy.
Many teachers in the world are today experimenting with social media tools to teach.  This is not just at the college levels who have been finding it easier to take notes in the class and share it as well; in fact, teachers have successfully tried out with younger children where they even explore class rooms in other countries.
Our panelists found the topic something that is trendy and even useful but were wary about social media tools being able to replace traditional methods of teachings.
“Learning is about asking questions and reflecting on the answers,” said one of our speakers.  Ahmed al Shukaili, Physiotherapist from Ministry of Health was quick to point out that while technology was a blessing, overuse is having its impact on health.  His patients with mobile phone syndromes are getting to be younger and younger.
We like to text and add to that the youngsters’ passion for mobile games.
While we understood that the technology is here to stay and will get even better, what is needed is moderation.  While the social media may not replace a qualified teacher and the rich experience of interactions, the fact is more and more people are increasing their qualifications by getting trained on line.
Join us for our next discussion to be announced soon.