A humble request to the teaching community

Education is essential for nation-building, setting its future course and deciding its status among the nations of the world. For the educational process, teachers are the mainstay on which the entire campaign for nation-building depends.
It’s the teachers who shape the future of a country and its society. They do all this through in-depth messages and lessons to their students. These are the lessons on which the future of the nation depends.
Since the very beginning of the blessed Renaissance, His Majesty the Sultan has focused on what is given to us by our teachers.
Teachers deserve due respect and appreciation as they have the most important responsibility on their shoulders of training and educating people for a brighter future.
Along with what they teach, their acts and lives are also important. Our teachers are role models for students inside the school campuses and outside. Students follow the teacher just as they follow their guardians and parents.
Dear teachers, we look forward to seeing your noble efforts in enriching debate in society, instilling the spirit of dialogue among youth, making them accept differences of opinion and encouraging participation. They should also help establish foundations for research.
We want to see your role in stimulating spirit of innovation and laying foundation for taking research and experiments to their logical conclusion. It is important to conduct research and development and accept differences of opinion.
We also look forward to teachers continuing to teach children essential skills in their scientific and practical lives. These are the skills that are more important than the degrees. Today, global companies are focusing on personal skills more than academic degrees.
We look forward to continuation of an increase in awareness about environment and society among students and how they can become effective and influential in these areas and protect them.
We hope that teachers would continue to instil culture of volunteerism among students as it contributes to the advancement of society and develops interaction and cohesion among people even during emergencies. This is the spirit of volunteerism which brings people together in times of need.
We expect our teachers to advise children how to harness modern technologies and sciences and how to prevent their negative impact on individuals and social life. They have to teach students to adapt themselves and get ready to achieve what they want in their educational and practical lives.
We also expect teachers to continue their efforts in instilling strong national values in the hearts and minds of youth. It is required more in the wake of the devastating cultural onslaught as the world has become a “small village” and it is not possible to slam the doors on others and isolate ourselves.
We also hope our brothers will continue to abide by time, routine and schedules as an important value of our lives. In general, in our societies, we do not abide by time commitments and set schedules.
We cannot overlook your role in linking students with the history of the country, its heritage, customs and traditions. We must hold these inheritances on our shoulders for future.
You, the teachers, have the greatest role in the formulation and evaluation of students’ heart, mind and body. You prepare them to face the challenges of future life. Students are your creation which we cannot forget.