A Happy Place

Surround yourself with happy positive people, and in turn you will be happy and positive. Kindness comes free, so spread it. This year has undoubtedly been full of sad and unsettling events in the world. Perhaps closer to home, it hasn’t been a particularly good one either. You know, if things are getting you down, it really can be that simple to just remove yourself from the situation or people. If you’ve tried and haven’t succeeded, by all means try again, but once you’ve exhausted all possibilities, don’t focus and waste time on the negatives. Being kind is catching and easily spreadable, doesn’t have to be family members and close friends, you can even be kind to strangers.
Make sure 2018 is a year good for you. Seeing as the New Year is on the way — people make drastic changes in losing weight, quit smoking etc. Why not try being kinder? A kind act a day or week can help to make you and the recipient feel better.
Here are some ways in which you can endeavour to be kind.
Volunteering — have you got time to spare? — rather than sitting and watching the TV, why not make a difference and put something back in the community, create boxes with food items and gifts to those less fortunate. Sort out old possessions that you don’t need anymore. Help at the local school etc.
Supporting others can ease worries — listening is a great tool that should be used more often. We’re quick to share stories and experiences, but do we really listen and take note.
Leaving happy notes at work or at home, can put a smile on someone’s face.
Leave a book that you enjoyed reading in a public place, for someone else to find. Maybe even in a coffee shop.
People nowadays don’t use postal services as often as they used too, paper and pen and letters. We use the Internet and the ease and swiftness of electronic mail, so why not send a happy e-card to colleagues at work or family and friends telling them how much you appreciate them.
Compliment someone every week — whether it’s a job well done, or what they’re wearing. We all like praise.
As a society we do like a good moan, let’s be honest with ourselves, but why not try to stop complaining for a week. Ignore negativity as it can get you down. Surround yourself with happy people that are the way forward! It’s infectious!
My time in Muscat I noticed and appreciated the sheer kindness of local people. Nothing was any trouble. From a blown out tyre, people would stop and help. To the simple things that we take for granted in western cultures perhaps, opening the door for people, helping with heavy bags at the supermarket, just saying good morning with a smile. Oman is such a happy and kind place that the kindness will surely or at least eventually, rub off on you. Otherwise you can always relate back here for help!

Sayeh Woodman