A floral tribute to the nation

The Sultanate is currently in the golden jubilee mood and the ambience is right for that. People are paying rich tributes to the nation, commemorating the 50th National Day.
And Devyani Sampat, an Omani national, is paying great tribute to the land which she chose to be her home five decades ago, with an arrangement of exotic flowers inside her home.

“This is the simplest yet elegant way that we can say that ‘we love you’ to Oman and to express our loyalty to the country, the ruler and the people,” Sampat, who has been learning and demonstrating Ikebana and European style flower arrangements for more than 15 years, told the Observer.
Devyani Sampat arranged the exquisite flowers that she collected locally and imported from other countries to create the national flag of Oman as well as the shape of heart and other National Day-themed designs. The Frangipani Flower Arrangement Club, Muscat is the brainchild of Devyani.
“I believe in quality in whatever I do and attaining perfection was my sole goal. I hope it has reached almost there,” Devyani, who attends various conventions in Japan and connects with Sogetsu School of Japan for more knowledge on floral arrangements.
She handpicks each and every flower according to the theme and mood needed to create the same. She visits many world flower shows and gives demos in India and Oman. Sampat is well connected with National Alliance for Floral Associations (NAFA), World Association for Floral Artists (WAFA) and World Flower Council (WFC).
Devyani considers herself lucky not only for designing the national emblems of Oman in flowers, but also for getting an opportunity to learn from different international flower arrangement masters.
“I’m sharing with my students of what I’ve learnt all these years through careful attention and dedication and perseverance.
“I want to create awareness about this hobby. I want to educate those interested in Ikebana and floral art and mould more floral artists,” Devyani Sampat adds.