A father of nation and world’s peace ambassador

Mahatma Gandhi was absolutely right when he addressed humanity saying that “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. This statement reflects on various walks of life such as social and political to name a few. Serving others come in different forms as it is not necessary to be through presenting direct services or products. In a way or another, this public-spirited deed comes out of love and respect to humanity, nation or a certain segment of people within society or the world possibly.
His Majesty Sultan Qaboos comes here as an exemplary role model of philanthropic deeds which reflect the concept of serving others. His Majesty the Sultan is not only serving his Omani fellow citizens, but people of other nations around the world too. His noble gestures and directive orders to his government are talking points among politicians, families and ordinary people worldwide.
Everyone is eager to see peace guaranteed for all human beings around the world. But, it is extremely challenging to resolve political conflicts between countries. On the other hand, His Majesty spared no effort to serve international peace-related issues. All these challenges and conflicts were waiting for a wise man to bring it down and get the concerned officials to the discussion table. His Majesty was and always is the only man who could sacrifice and take on the burden.
Since the first day of His ascension to the throne, His Majesty shouldered this responsibility. In the first address to his fellow citizens, His Majesty said: “I will take the legal steps to gain recognition from the friendly foreign countries. I am also looking forward to the immediate support and co-operation of our neighbours and for long continuous consultation between us for the sake of a better future for our region.”
The promise of His Majesty the Sultan was not just committed to Omanis, but other parts of the world too. He promised the citizens to accelerate bringing the better future and prosperous life and here it is observed by Omanis and residents alike in every corner of the country. His Majesty the Sultan accorded his special attention to serve the international peace process and bridging the political gaps and conflicts between the nations.

Owing to His Majesty’s far-reaching international accomplishments as well as His wise and visionary leadership, Oman has been able to gain credibility and trust at the regional and international level. The country has become the epicenter of peace where conflicts and misunderstandings between nations can be resolved. Thanks to the foreign policy of Oman which is undoubtedly distinct from others in the region.
It has been wisely marked by His Majesty since the early days of his reign when stated: “In the area of international relations, our foreign policy is based on firm foundations and principles: support for right and justice and a desire to work together with other peace-loving countries of the world to resolve international conflicts through dialogue and negotiation, so that everyone can enjoy security and stability and all the peoples of the earth can reap the benefits.”
As Joseph Kechichian, an American scholar, a historian, and political scientist, remarked in his book, Oman and The World: The Emergence of an Independent Foreign Policy, that the consistently evident in His Majesty’s foreign policy is pragmatism. He attributed that working from foreign policy principles of nonintervention in other countries’ internal affairs, respect for international law, and adherence to an independent policy, His Majesty has encouraged co-operation and peaceful resolution. The Sultanate’s essential role played in the international peace process is highly recognised by leaders, governments and individuals from all around the world. In view of that, it will certainly boost Oman’s global standing. Humanity is undeniably very grateful to His Majesty; a one of a kind leader.