A conversation with a friend called mind…

Is it just another summer or is there an influence of elements of climate change?
The actual summer has not yet begun, but we are already shunning away from daylight and dread to step out of the house.
Is it just a cycle and have there been other summers similar to what we are experiencing now?
When nothing in life is permanent why would we expect permanency in other aspects of the universe? Almost all the ingredients of the universe are in the constant flow of change just like our lives and destiny.
In fact if anything were to be stagnant it could be soon unhealthy, that is why we are urged to move our body for fitness and guess what it leads to the production of energy that is so positive that it energizes us.
Food consumed converts itself to energy and the body discards the waste but somehow our mind is not often able to practice this discrimination of knowing what is useful.
Our mind wants us to linger on negative thoughts even when we have a hundred reasons to celebrate. There was a time when happiness was almost considered foolish. The thinkers used to look down on the happy ones
judging that they do not know the other side of life.
Thankfully people today are keen to search for happiness and peace of mind. But what most of us do not understand is that there are no external ingredients for happiness. It is all within — in our thoughts and mind. Now one could
argue and ask, “what about circumstances?”
Here again it is how we respond to the circumstances. We are so often in the reaction mode that we forget the importance of response.
In our school curriculum we pay so much attention to scientific theories and explanations but not much on dealing with situations.
We can be born into circumstances but we can have the will to change the circumstances as we grow up.
The world is full of such lively examples. But of course just like plants we also need nurturing and sometimes that can be challenging because we are our own blocks if we do not learn to control our minds.
There is so much others can teach us but if we are not ready to implement them and learn to adapt to our needs we become self defeating.
We invest so much time on wondering what others might be thinking of us that we forget to invest time on ourselves. To know our weakness is to know our strength. On the other hand where we need to spend time to care for others we tend to look away thinking it is none of our business.
Living on earth we have a responsibility, yet from childhood we think it is parents’ responsibility to look after us and later it is the government or organisations never realising that we have not even expressed our gratitude or even passed on the favours we had been showered with.
Nature pampered us with its bounties but we made sure they were left unappreciated and at times even
ruined them.
The nations celebrated the World Ocean Day only to reflect on how successful we have been in polluting the oceans with plastic and not to forget industrial waste. If we thought the impact has only been on marine creatures, it was not too late to realise we had been slowly poisoning ourselves while polluting the oceans. The oceans not only provide us with food but desalinated water is one of the solutions for the water shortage many countries are facing today.
And water just like weather has no boundaries.
Just like our minds — the state of our mind reflects on our treatment of others. So when we think of it mind too has no borders.
It is with the same concept of mind that some people discover medicines, solutions and scientific laws and it is the same thinking process that goes into judging others. The former does not just give solutions to the world but makes life meaningful where as the latter makes everything that matters futile.
The choice is ours.