A celebration for all

Yesterday, the Sultanate of Oman celebrated its 47th National Day in a lively display of parades, car shows, lights and fireworks with people expressing their love and gratitude for the country and its ruler, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.
A variety of celebrations were hosted in different parts of the country, some hosted by the government and others hosted by private institutions but all proudly celebrating Oman’s national day.
In Muscat, a vibrant display of fireworks took place at Al Amerat and Al Seeb with people from all over the city gathering to watch the colourful fireworks. Families, friends, expats, and locals gathered together to join in with the celebrations.
The skies of Seeb and Amerat were lit brightly with the colours of the national flag in a display that left the crowds in awe whilst keeping the spirits of the residents high during these festivities.
In Seeb, residents gathered to greet and welcome His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, they expressed their joy with raised flags, pictures, posters and banners to show gratitude to their leader for the progress and achievements of the country under the wise and peaceful leadership of His Majesty.
The people were heard chanting slogans of love, loyalty, and appreciation along with national songs during the celebrations.
Accompanied by the royal motorcade, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, the Supreme Commander received a guard of honour from the military on his arrival at the entrance of the Police Special Force. The royal motorcade then continued onto the military ground parade ground which was surrounded by the ROP mounted police.
Upon the ascension of His Majesty onto the Royal Dais, the parade columns gave the military salute; the joint military performed the Royal Anthem, followed by the artillery firing a twenty-one-gun salute to His Majesty.
The joint military bands then showcased a musical performance whilst passing in front of the main dais till they reached their respective places.
Following this, the Protocols Guards staged a performance along with the rhythm of the military band.
The Protocols Guard went on to chant the ROP’s song ‘ Homat Al Haq’ followed by the call of loyalty and allegiance and exclaimed the slogan ‘long live His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the Supreme Commander’ three times.
Finally, the Royal Anthem was played with the Protocols Guard giving the military salute to His Majesty the Sultan, who then signalled the conclusion of the military parade.
Concluding the ceremonies of the parade, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said received a commemorative gift from Royal Oman Police which was presented by Lt.Gen Hassan bin Mohsen Al Shraiqi.
The parade was attended by honourable members of the state council and the Majlis Al-Shura, the undersecretaries, the governors, judges of the Governorate of Muscat, heads of diplomatic missions of friendly countries accredited to the Sultanate, military attaches, Walis of the Governorate of Muscat, senior state officials, senior officers, non-commissioned officers, SAF, RGO, ROP and security personnel and dignitaries of the Governorate of Muscat.
In another part of the city, the Oman Automobile Club impressed guests and attendees with their collection of vintage cars. It was a special gathering made possible by the cooperation of vintage car owners in the country.
Cars from the 40s, 50s sit side-by-side with other luxury and vintage cars exciting not only the hard core car aficionados but even young millennials who don’t get to see such cars that often running the streets of Muscat.
At Al Mouj, people gathered to celebrate the national day by indulging in Omani folk and cultural festivities. People stood in circles as the performers performed in the centre singing songs about Oman, its progress, prosperity and wishing His Majesty a long life and good health.
The traditionally dressed local men performed folk dances, played Omani instruments and sang their songs celebrating the vibrant culture and heritage of this wonderful country on its National Day. The celebrations were attended by locals and expats from around the Al Mouj area in A’seeb.
In Barka, the Al Ra’id Camel Race was organised at Al Wahra Race Track. One of the more popular traditional sports, the race included eight rounds as three rounds were allocated for Al Abkar, three for Al Ja’adan and two for Al Haja’ej Abkar and Ja’adan.
Although a very competitive sports, children were seen alongside their parents enjoying the attraction.
In the southernmost Dhofar governorate, the city of Salalah also experienced a vibrant display of bright fireworks held at the Municipality’s Recreational Centre. The display celebrating the country’s National day left the city cheerful and the Ittin plain illuminated.
Malls around the city hosted a variety of events including 47% sales on foods and clothes and activities for kids and families to enjoy.
One such event was hosted at the Oman Avenues Mall were professionals attempted to break the Guinness World Records record title of the largest flag built from Lego bricks.
Under the scrutiny of the watchful eyes of hundreds of onlookers, professionals completed creating the Oman flag under a tight deadline. Almost 200,000 Lego bricks at an estimated weight of around 500 kilograms were used and once completed measured over four metres in length and over two meters in height.
Whether it was at the fireworks, malls or other parts of the city, parents dressed their kids in colours of the Omani National Flag. Girls were seen with brightly coloured dresses and boys in dishdasha’s holding flags or tshirts with the green, white and red colours as accessories.
Some activities for kids around the city involved face painting, reading and hearing stories about the Sultanate. Others have live shows, book readings and different games and other fun activities.
Also seen around the city were the cars decorated with photos of the Sultan, designs, and paintings in the colours of the flag and bright lights.
The people of Oman paraded their beautifully ornate cars around the city, showing off their unique designs and expressing their love for their country. Car owners were seen with cars plastered with slogans like ‘My Hero, My Sultan’ and ‘I love my leader’, showing their love for His Majesty and his great leadership.
Although the festivities have since ended and the excitement of the celebrations over, people are left with joy-filled hearts looking forward to many more years of these celebrations!