A blend of Omani and Islamic styles

SALALAH: The traditional architectural style of Dhofar Governorate is a blend of the Islamic and Arab influence when it comes to the unique architectural shapes and decorations that intermingle with the Omani architectural style since ancient times. Relics of those ancient Arab Islamic designs have remained through ages and acquired new innovative features but they maintained their connection with the Islamic architecture which reflects the richness of culture and traditions.
Abdullah bin Ali al Alian, an historical researcher, said the architectural heritage of Dhofar overlaps with the Islamic style and is distinguished by its sophisticated decorations that signify the high artistic sense of their designers.
Arches, which are part and parcel of the ancient Islamic architecture, have been utilised in different shapes and amazing designs all of which express the beauty of external decorations inspired by the Arab Islamic arts and embody unique Omani shapes such as the triangles and squares that are mostly seen in the doors in the wilayats of Salalah, Mirbat and Taqa as well as other places in Dhofar.
The doors in Dhofar Governorate, Al Alian said, were accorded a great importance. The main door was decorated with fine shapes created by experienced and innovative Omani artists. It took them several months to make those magnificent doors or, to be more precise, artistic works, owing to the fact that the creators used rudimentary tools, Al Alian said. — ONA