9th Generation Intel Core CPUs are coming to laptops

Intel is releasing more 9th Generation processors for PCs, including gaming notebooks and high-end laptops. And its latest line of H-series Intel Core chips, announced last week, offer up to a 33 per cent overall performance increase over processors from three years ago, according to the chipmaker.
The processors are expected to also offer better load times and refresh rates for games, and faster processing for 4K video editing. The new silicon’s other selling point is the inclusion of Wi-Fi 6, which can offer maximum download speeds of around 10Gbps with compliant router and client hardware, and support for Thunderbolt 3.
To cater to PC builders, Intel is also bulking up its lineup for the company’s consumer 9th Generation desktop processors. The lineup ranges from new Core i9 processors all the way down to low-end Pentium Gold and Celeron chips.
In a conference call with journalists, Intel played up the performance gains the desktop-based chips will offer versus systems from five years ago. You can find more details about the chips’ specs and pricing here.
“There has been no better time for end users to come in and buy,” Fredrik Hamberger, Intel’s general manager for the premium and gaming notebook segments, said. “It is sort of the perfect time for end users to refresh.”
The processors will come in Core i5, i7, and i9 variants, and the first laptops equipped with the new chips are being announced in parallel with the reveal from OEMs such as Asus, Razer, and Lenovo.
Intel didn’t compare the chips’ performance to the previous 8th Generation Core processors. So it’s hard to say how they really stack up generation-to-generation until we get some laptops based on the new 9th Generation CPUs into PC Labs. But the 9th Generation chips will be built with a refreshed version of Intel’s “Coffee Lake” architecture.