8-year-old boy dies after being left in schoolbus

Muscat:  A student died of suffocation after he was left alone locked in a schoolbus in sweltering heat for more than two hours in Ruwi on Thursday.

The eight-year-old Sudanese boy was rushed to the hospital but could not be saved, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) said.

ROP urged school bus drivers to ensure that students are not left behind to avoid similar tragedies.

Death due to suffocation or lack of oxygen inside a bus or car happen mostly during the summer months. To avoid such tragedies, parents or guardians must make sure that all the passengers — especially toddlers — are out of the vehicle before locking it.

Mwasalat tweeted that the bus did not belong to its fleet. “It was circulated on the social media platforms that a school student died after he was forgotten inside the bus for long time in Ruwi.” Mwasalat said its buses are equipped with advanced systems to secure student safety.