67 schools to be used as shelters

Muscat, Oct 13 – Sixty-seven schools have been identified to be used as shelters for accommodating those likely to be affected by tropical storm Luban.
A total of 1,327 people have been accommodated at these shelters so far. The authorities expect the number to go up in the coming hours. “No matter what the degree of the storm, all precautions have been taken,” said Lt Colonel Faisal al Hajri, Director of Executive Office of National Committee for Civil Defence (NCCD). “It is not the degree of the storm, but the amount of rain that matters,” he said.
“100-250 mm of rain in our topography can cause flash floods and raise water levels, especially in the low lying areas,” said the NCCD official.
He said crossing wadis is the main reason for casualties. So far, there have been no mishaps. Search and rescue teams have been deployed in the governorate. Many people have moved to Salalah, especially from Rakhyout and Dhalkout, as a safety precaution.
“The public awareness campaign conducted through media seems to have helped. While evacuation is a critical component, monitoring of wadis and dams are equally important,” said Lt Col Al Hajri. “This time, there has been no need to evacuate Al Halaniyat Islands or hotels,” he said.
Critical assets, spare parts, technical teams and generators have been deployed. “Medical staff have been provided along with medical services. We have been supplying hospitals with generators and water supplies so they can continue their operations,” he said.

Lakshmi Kothaneth