60% road accidents occur during night

Khalid al Adawi –

A total of 33 Omanis died in road accidents across the Sultanate in June this year, according to a report from the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).
Out of these, 24 were males and the rest females. At the same time, 17 expatriates, including 16 males and 1 female died in road accidents during the same period.
The NCSI report shows that 240 road accidents occurred in June leaving 240 people injured of whom 178 were Omanis and 62 expatriates.
In May, 180 road accidents occurred leaving 43 people dead, of whom 31 were Omanis and 12 expats. A total of 202 people including 153 Omanis and 49 expats were injured, the report points out. In April, there were 163 road accidents in which 24 people including 9 Omanis and 15 expats succumbed. A total of 194 people — 149 Omanis and 45 expats — were injured.
Muscat Governorate registered the highest number of accidents in June with 23.8 per cent, followed by North Al Batinah (11.9 per cent) and Dhofar (10.5 per cent). The majority of road accidents (60 per cent) occurred during the night hours.
Meanwhile, a total of 1,520,910 vehicles were registered by the end of June this year, a 3.5 per cent increase over the same period of last year.
This includes 1,180,519 private vehicles accounting for 77.6 per cent of total vehicle while the number of commercial vehicles registered stood at 246,052 vehicles, rental cars (33,352), motorcycles (6,644), government vehicles (13,028), driving school vehicles (5,578), tractors (1,278) and temporary cars (9,652)