For 5th year, marriage rates drop

MUSCAT: The number of marriages registered in the Sultanate in 2016 stood at 24,014, a 6.4 per cent decrease compared with the previous year, according to National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI). An average of 67 marriages were registered every day and 3,736 certificates of divorce issued last year, a 3.2 per cent increase. Year 2016 saw the least number of marriages and the highest number of divorces since 2012. The rate of marriage saw a steady downward trajectory in four years – from 29,840 in 2012 to 25,659 in 2015, and further down to 24,014 in 2016. The ‘crude marriage rate’ (annual number of marriages per 1,000), was 5.4, while the general marriage rate (number of marriages registered among persons aged 15 to 49 years) was 6.97.