50 private training centres lose Licences

MUSCAT, Oct 29 – The Ministry of Manpower has cancelled the licences of 50 private training institutes that were not working in accordance with the law. “The decision was taken following detection of fraudulent activities by these institutes, which were working in violation of the regulation of private training institutions in the country,” said a ministry statement. According to Article 83 of the ministerial decision 490/2010, any establishment that provides training should be registered and supervised by the Ministry of Manpower.
“Any institute or establishment that imparts training without adhering to different articles
in the ministerial decision will be treated as an offence,” said the statement.
The violations were detected during field visits by officials from the ministry.
An official at the ministry said: “Some of the institutions were found to have been engaging in imparting training for which they had not obtained licence from the ministry. This is fraudulent activity”.
With this, the total number of private training institutions whose licenses have been cancelled between January 2016 and August 31, 2018, has reached 94. This includes 32 institutes, 54 training service offices and seven centres and one
training unit.
According to the law, any institute that involves in activities other than what is allowed in their licence can be tried for fraud.
“On the contrary, many institutions after acquiring licence fraudulently involve in many activities. This is in total violation of the law and will be treated as a major offence,” said the official.
The inspectors of the ministry have also come across many institutions that were functioning even after the expiry of their licences.
“An institute is notified through an electronic system well before the expiry of the licence.
If the renewal is not made, the licence will automatically end,” the official said.
During the cancellation period, institutions are not allowed to engage in any activity, he warned.