5 things to buy when wrapping up your trip in Oman

An amazing country with beautiful people, the Sultanate is a country with a rich heritage, vibrant cultures and of course scenery and landscapes of unparalleled beauty. A part of its rich traditions and heritage is the craftsmanship and handicrafts of the Omani people. Any traveller knows that a trip is not properly wrapped up if one hasn’t bought souvenirs or mementos that would remind one of the memorable trips.
Here’s some of the more famous products to look out for that can be found in souqs, local markets and souvenir shops across the country.

Omani Silver
Ornate and beautifully crafted, Oman has some of the most talented silversmiths and jewelry makers whose work has been famous throughout the region. In the past, jewelry worn by the local women were made in silver and necklaces, earrings, pins, and beads can still be found in abundance. It makes the perfect souvenir as each piece is unique and can be used both as decoration or to wear yourselves.

The Sultanate of Oman boasts of a unique culture with rich traditions, and the art of pottery has been an intricate part of the country’s identity for over 4,000 years. Even today, clay pots and utensils are extensively used by the locals in their everyday lives. Along with the “natural” light brown or beige unpainted clay things, also found are beautifully coloured decoration pieces that make perfect gifts to take back home.

Omani Mandoos
Another famous craft out of the region is woodwork, commonly seen in the traditional dhow along with the windows and doors of traditional homes, Omani wood is famous for its high quality and a famous object would be the Mandoos or wooden chest that is made in a variety sizes with metal hardware or intricate wooden carvings. Often used as storage, today smaller, less bulky versions are available that can be easily transported or used in your homes to display.

Khanjar or the Omani Dagger is probably one of the most common things that can not only be seen decorated or worn around the country but is a local symbol that is commonly used in money, important documents and even on the Omani flag! A unique representation of the Omani culture, even today men wear the khanjar with a belt over their traditional dishdasha for special occasions, important events and at weddings. It is usually made with Omani silver with the handle often being made with silver, wood or even ivory.

A smell you cannot miss! Burning in every mall, hotel, home, and street, Oman’s famed frankincense has been famous for centuries. Famously used by Queen of Sheba to the rulers and emperors in the east and the west, frankincense is a precious tree resin that is found in abundance especially in the Dhofar region of the Sultanate. If fit for royalty, be sure it is the perfect gift to bring in the rich scent of Oman into your homes.