47 parade’s highlight

Muscat, Nov 18 – Number 47 was the highlight of National Day celebrations that saw His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, the Supreme Commander, presiding over the military parade held at the parade ground at Police Special Taskforce Command, Wilayat A’Seeb, on Saturday.
Throughout the parade, the focus was on Number 47. It consisted of seven categories or columns of four men and three women officers. Each column consisted of 147 members. There were seven leaders. Along with them, including eight flag carriers, a parade warrant officer, leader and assistant leader, their number totalled up to 1,047.

The music band saw 74 musicians from Royal Oman Police Band, 75 from Royal Guard of Oman Band, 75 from Royal Army of Oman Band, 74 from Royal Navy of Oman Band, 74 Royal of Oman Air Force band along with 74 members from the Royal Court Affairs Band. The total added up to 447.
A total of 47 horsemen from Royal Oman Police Cavalry escorted the Royal motorcade from the gate to the parade ground. At the parade ground, there were another 47 horsemen.
The number of Guards of Honour at the main gate were 47.
Thirty-seven members of Sultan of Oman Artillery, Ceremonial Guard (137) Combined Military Band (65), Cavalry (16) Artillery (3) in reserve as well as participants on parade ground added up to 2,447.

Lakshmi Kothaneth