Muscat Municipality cautions restaurateurs and grocers

Muscat: Restaurants which pay the least attention to hygiene, eateries which keep stale foods and use unhygienic ingredients beware. Muscat Municipality has sounded a strict warning to those who violate the norms protecting public health.

In a bid to bring those who practise unhealthy ways in restaurant and hotel businesses to book, the civic authority has destroyed nearly 848 kg of vegetables and 310 fish and allied products and confiscated 462 fruits in raids conducted across a number of restaurants and grocers in the capital city last month.

“We pay great attention to regulating and controlling markets and checking on unethical business practices to maintain the health and safety of the consumers and to ensure the validity of the supply of goods in the market by carrying out market inspections regularly”, a statement from the Muscat Municipality said.

The civic authority calls on all citizens and residents to report any food or health violations by calling the Muscat Municipality Call Center on toll-free number (1111) or by contacting the Muscat Municipality Communication Center on social media.

By Kabeer Yousuf