40 works of Musannah writers on display

Omani writers from Wilayat Al Musannah have contributed to more than 40 publications at the 23rd Muscat International Book Fair. Most of these publications were related to the history of Oman. Dr Juma bin Khalifa al Busaidi’s works include ‘The Cultural Aspects of the Arab-African State during the Bu Said Period in East Africa’, ‘Building the Omani Empire and Extending its Sovereignty in the Indian Ocean and Beyond the Sea and ‘Studies in the Features of the Modern Bu Said State from the Imamate to the Sultanate.’

Noted Omani writer Dr Saud bin Abdullah al Zadjali came up with many publications, including ‘Citizenship in the Sultanate of Oman’, ‘From the Corners of Thought’, ‘Conditional Structure in Grammar and Origins’ and ‘Studies in the Fundamentals of Jurisprudence’. Dr Humaid bin Saif al Noofli had written ‘Doctor Rashid bin Omaira’, ‘The Oman Doctor and Physician Abu Mohammed Al Azdi’, ‘Teacher Training is the key to Quality’, ‘Omanis’ Cultural Knowledge and their Connection throughout History’ and ‘Cell Characters’.
Dr Talib bin Ali al Saadi was present with his two publications: ‘Warmth of Reham’ and ‘Faydh Al Taghreed’, while Professor Ahmed bin Mubarak al Noofli is showcasing ‘The Chill in the Life of the Preacher’, ‘The Importance of Time in the life of Preacher’ and ‘The Absent Dimension of the Concept of Good Work’.Maher bin Mal Allah al Zadjali’s ‘Wilayat Al Musannah: Sea Tale and History’, ‘Full Fat Educator’, ‘Finally the Boot Pronounced’ and ‘Fahman al Dahman does not like Okra’ have done well at the book fair.
Ibrahim al Saadi’s contribution was ‘The Culture of Violence and its Nutrients’ and ‘Read in the Contemporary Financial Crisis’. Younis al Numani, for instance, wrote historical and cultural treatises titled ‘Political Relations between Oman and Yemen under the reign of Sultan Said bin Taimor (1932-1970)’ and ‘The Omani Social and Mosaic Reformer Noor Al Deen Al Salmi’. Jasim bin Jameel al Tarshi wrote ‘Dreams of Confused Pirates’ and ‘The Critical in Mahmooud Darweesh Poetry’.Poets from Musannah were a big hit at the show.
‘Paddles Breaking’ and ‘Ghayaheb’ from Matar al Buraiki were much sought-after.
So was the ‘Cloud’ from Mazin al Haddabi.
As for the female writers, Laila al Fulaiti wrote ‘Whispers of Pen Inspiration’ and Safaa al Fulaiti — ‘Khuz’ablat’.
‘Theology between Religion and Politics’ by researcher and writer Said Mubarak al Tarshi and ‘Treasure of the Monument’ by Ibrahim al Fadhli were also available.
‘Time Difference’ by Jamal al Noofli and ‘Life Mantra’ by Ali al Dohani were in demand.
‘Areej Al Qaratis’ from the Al Musannah Cultural Network and ‘Musannah in the History Pages’ by Al Musannah Rwafid Team were also on display.