3rd forum of public finance in Arab states on February 10

DUBAI: The 3rd Forum of Public Finance in the Arab States titled ‘Reforms in Public Finance in the Arab States: Opportunities and Challenges’ will be held on February 10 in Dubai. The forum will be organised by the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF), in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The forum aims to enhance the exchange of experiences and discuss the challenges faced by policymakers in the Arab region within the framework of the regional and international economic and financial developments and their implications on the Arab countries.
The forum will discuss issues of subsidy policies and raising the efficiency of public spending, as well as the use of digital techniques in the management of public finances of the state. The forum will address strategies, challenges and prospects for enhancing public expenditure and reforming the subsidy system. The forum brings together ministers and senior officials responsible for financial policies from the Arab countries, with the participation of a number of experts and specialists from international institutions, such as the Director-General of the International Monetary Fund. — ONA