MUSCAT: At a time when financial resources supplementing one’s regular income is valued at premium, al Mazyona salary transfer scheme from Bank Muscat marks a first-of-its-kind financial reward for the largest banking family in Oman.
Launched as part of 2017 al Mazyona Savings Scheme offering the biggest prize money of RO 10 million, the unique scheme redefines reward, entitling customers maintaining a salary account with the bank to win a fixed salary prize of RO 500 every month for a year.
This is the first time a prize scheme offering a fixed salary prize every month for a year is being introduced in Oman. All that customers need to do is transfer their salary of RO 500 and above to the bank. In all, 15 customers will be rewarded every month in al Mazyona salary transfer scheme.
Customers maintaining a salary account of RO 500 and above with the bank are eligible to win a fixed salary prize of RO 500 every month for a full year.
While customers earn their salary only once a month, Bank Muscat offers them a chance to win a salary prize every month for a year. The prize scheme is open to all customers with a minimum monthly salary of RO 500.
For the second year in running, Oman’s flagship savings scheme has retained the RO 10 million prize money.
As on date, al Mazyona savings scheme guaranteeing more for everyone to share is the biggest prize money in Oman and the region.
For over 25 years, al Mazyona has rewarded numerous customers and enriched their lives.
Big prize money is not the only attraction of al Mazyona, which is designed to transform the lives of prudent savers. The scheme is targeted to accommodate all nationalities and segments, including ladies, youth, children, high savings balance customers and salary account holders, thereby inculcating a strong savings habit among citizens who will be responsible for the future development of Oman.
Reaching out with a powerful call for savings, the highlights of 2017 al Mazyona savings scheme include high value prizes for different segments, including women, children, youth and high saving customers, ranging from RO 1,000 weekly prizes to RO 10,000 monthly prizes, RO 25,000 quarterly prizes and RO 100,000 annual prizes.