3,227 SQU students to get degrees on November 5 and 12

MUSCAT: 3,227 students from the nine colleges at the university will receive their degree certificates at the graduation ceremony of Sultan Qaboos University on November 5 and 12. The ceremony will be presided over by Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdullah al Hinai, State Adviser. On November 5, 1,818 students from the science colleges and the College of Economics & Political Science will receive their certificates. The number of graduates from each college is as follows: College of Agricultural & Marine Sciences (222 bachelor’s, 30 master’s, and 4 doctorate); the College of Engineering (373 bachelor’s, 29 master’s and 6 doctorate); the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (43 bachelor’s, 9 master’s, 117 MD and 4 doctorate); the College of Nursing(100 bachelor’s); the College of Science (349 bachelor’s 65 master’s, and 8 doctorate); and the College of Economics and Political Science (426 bachelor’s, 33 master’s).
On November 12, 1,409 graduates from the humanities colleges will received their certificates: the College of Arts & Social Sciences (555 bachelor’s 104 master’s, and 9 doctorate); the College of Education (369 bachelor’s, 133 master’s and 3 doctorate); and the College of Law (203 bachelor’s and 33 master’s).