30 tonnes of fish displayed at Fulaij market in one day

Muscat: The Central Fish Market, Fulaij, Barka, has received a record 30 tonnes of fish in just one day, the largest display since the beginning of 2019.

Thirty tonnes of fish, collected from the fleet of artisanal fishing in the coastal provinces of the Sultanate, were displayed for consumers at Fulaij market on Thursday, said the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Of this, 18 tonnes of fish were sold within the first few working hours of the market. The types of fish available were: yellowfin tuna, kingfish, emperor, seabream and longtail tuna.

The Central Fish Market at Al Fulaij went operational in April 2014 and officially opened in May that year.

It is one of the important projects that promotes fish marketing system in the Sultanate and uses the latest systems in the operation of wholesale markets.