30% of Covid-19 fatalities are people with diabetes: MOH

Muscat: Those who have chronic and respiratory diseases should never be in contact with others and If they develop severe symptoms, they should go to a private health institution, said the Minister of Health at the Supreme Committee press conference on Thursday.

It was also revealed that most of the deaths among Omanis were for those over 50
years who suffer from chronic diseases. As for residents, their ages ranged between 15 to 50 years.

Dr. Frial bint Ali al Lawati

The average time of cases in intensive care is up to two weeks and was high at the beginning of the pandemic, said Dr. Frial bint Ali al Lawati, senior consultant and head of Infectious Diseases, MOH.

There are various factors that affect the patient’s stay in intensive care, depending on the organs affected by the virus which has an impact on the duration of stay in intensive care. Around 30 percent of the fatalities we monitored were for people with diabetes.

More than 300 patients were treated with hydroxychloroquine, and we had positive results in moderate cases, and they appeared in the patients’ vital signs.

“We did not notice any side effects with the use of hydroxychloroquine, and the deaths were not due to its use. We use a different amount of this medication compared to the amount used to treat patients outside the Sultanate.
In order to reach a decisive answer regarding the hydroxychloroquine, we need scientific studies with specific controls.”

Hydroxychloroquine is used to treat malaria and rheumatism.

There are some medical observations on the study published last week on hydroxychloroquine, as it was not clarified on the nature of the cases it was given to, are they critical or what? Additionally, there was no match between the numbers
mentioned in this study and those mentioned in the countries participating in the study.

Currently, we are waiting for the results of three international studies on this medicine from the World Health Organization, Britain, and the European Union.
10 percent of the recovered cases donated their plasma.

There are strict criteria when taking the donation of plasma, such as pregnant women or those with chronic diseases, or those who have recovered more than 28 days ago. We urge those who recovered to haste in contributing to blood donation, especially as cases are increasing.

There is no scientific evidence proves that the virus is getting weak.

The virus has serious repercussions seen in hospitals. Coronaviruses live for a long time, but the infected person forms antibodies against them, and since this kind of virus is new, the knowledge about it is still so little.
The possibility of contracting the virus again by the recovered requires studies to prove this.

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