30 illegal workers arrested per day on an average

MUSCAT, Dec 23 – The average arrests of illegal expat workers so far this month from different Governorates of the Sultanate has reached 30 per day.
According to a statement from the Ministry of Manpower on Sunday, 499 expat workers were arrested between December 16 and 22. Earlier, 176 expat workers were arrested in the Governorate of Dhofar in the beginning of this month.
Muscat Governorate continues to record the highest number of violations followed by South Batinah.
“All the arrests were made as part of the ministry’s campaign against infiltrators and illegal foreign workers through weekly inspections and raids,” said an official at the ministry.
The arrests, made in cooperation with the Royal Oman Police, were for different offences, including violations of various sections under the labour and residency laws and illegal entry into the country.
Those arrested last week include 374 commercial workers, 29 agricultural workers and 96 domestic workers.
“Thousands of workers are arrested each year for labour violations,” he said.
He advised both companies and individuals not to employ illegal workers, especially those running away from their sponsors.
Those employing illegal workers face a fine between RO 1,000 and RO 2,000 and a ban on using services of the ministry for two years, plus deportation flight costs.
Illegal workers are fined up to RO 800, deported and banned from entering the Sultanate.