3-year-old undergoes rare medical procedure

Muscat, Oct 9 – A rare medical procedure was successfully performed on a three-year-old boy with breathing difficulties by a medical team from Respiratory Care at the Ministry of Health (MoH). Conducted in collaboration with Al Mazroui Medical Supplies Company, the interventional therapy also included modifying a breathing device to help the child. He was suffering from respiratory problems since he was four months with no improvement in his condition. He was kept in Ibra Hospital for the past few years.
Khalsa al Siyabi, Head of Respiratory Care Section at MoH’s Supportive Services Department, said the patient was referred to the section with the aim of providing a portable ventilation device that can be used at home and avoid prolonged admission in health institutions.
Consequently, his health condition was examined at Ibra Hospital and it was found he was complaining of difficulty in breathing with high CO2 levels in the body.
As a result, a portable respirator equipment was provided in addition to installing a CO2 drainage device.
This procedure took the medical team five hours to stabilise his oxygen saturation rate and reduce CO2 levels in his body.
A week after the procedure, it was found the child’s condition was stable and he was discharged from the hospital.