23 expatriate women arrested

MUSCAT: In a continuing crack-down on the immoral activities in public places, the Department of Criminal Investigation, led by the Muscat Governorate Police, arrested 23 women of Asian nationality on charges of indecent behaviour in public places.
The defendants were spotted in public places in the Al Khuwair area of Bausher.
In October this year, the Department of Criminal Investigation at the police station in Sur arrested five women of Asian nationality on charges of prostitution in the wilayat.
In August this year, ROP arrested over 100 women for prostitution in Al Khuwair after raids in several locations in the area.
In December last year, ROP had arrested 43 women in Bausher for prostitution and violating the residency laws.
Police investigators, in cooperation with the Special Task Force, had raided several locations in Al Khuwair and arrested ten women. Another 33 women were arrested from three other locations in the wilayat then.