22 child-cyber security cases in 2018

Muscat: 22 cybersecurity cases were registered in 2018 where children aged between 13 to 16 years’ old came under attack, the National Centre for Information Security on Monday reported.

Majority of the cases were e-blackmailing, said Aziza Al Rashdi, director of Professional Cybersecurity Services at ITA’s OCERT.  She was addressing Shurkum Initiative, organized by the Information Technology Authority(ITA) on Sunday, under the theme ‘Protecting Kids in Cyberspace, Current Situation and suggestions’.

“Yet, the number of cases is increasing. In 2019, from Jan 1st to June 30th, about 35 cases were reported including e-blackmail, cyberbullying, fraud and revenge.  However, we believe that most cases were not reported due to community restrictions. Addiction to electronic games is also another worrying issue. Many families have requested to get such games blocked in the Sultanate”, Aziza added.

Wadha Salim Al Alawi, director, Family Consultancy and Guidance Directorate at the Ministry of Social Development said that the Ministry received 10 calls on the hotline for children protection during the past two months. Al Alawi stressed that the family is the core of the success or failure of the behavior of children. Some families are not practicing healthy treatment for children when it comes to cyber involvement of the children.