Over 2,000 kg of gold hallmarked during 2017

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, represented by the Directorate-General for Standards and Metrology, said that the quality of gold that has been hallmarked during the last quarter of 2017 stood at more than 2,928 kg. The directorate said that the highest activity was recorded during December 2017 with 191,029 kg, followed by October 2017 with 24,404 kg and November 2017 with 712,784 kg. The ministry said that it is exerting great efforts in controlling precious metals and stones to limit the illegal practices and protect both traders and consumers against fraud by exporters or workshop workers. The ministry called on consumers buying gold, silver or platinum works to ensure that these works have the Arabic figures that indicate their hallmarking. Some marks indicate the type of product. For example, the “Khanjar” or “dagger” is a symbol for the gold works, the “Dallah” or “coffee pot” is a symbol for silver works and the “Tower” is a symbol for platinum works. — ONA