20 per cent increase in voter numbers

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Interior has completed the preparations for the Ninth Majlis Ash’shura Elections slated to be conducted on October 27.
Preparations for distance voting for Omanis living abroad, which will be conducted for the first time, have also been finalised and will take place on October 19.
All the election committees which will oversee various processes including voting, sorting and counting of votes have announced their readiness.
Speaking to Oman News Agency (ONA) and Oman TV, Salim bin Hameed al Hajri, Adviser at the Minister of Interior’s Office, said, “The electoral process has been witnessing developments with every term. The election process passes through three stages. The first stage includes early preparations which involves revising of laws, legislations and organisational rules as well as contact with the relevant entities and naming of the members of the main and supreme election committees.
“The second stage witnesses the completion of the election committees and the opening of the electoral register for new voters in addition to announcement of final candidates lists and of approval of election centres.
“In the third stage we focus on training the participants in organisation, voting and sorting committees. This stage also involves approving the electronic applications that are utilised in the electoral processes and moving the devices to the wilayats in addition to preparing the election centres.”
The number of eligible voters has increased by 100,000 in all the governorates, with a 20-per cent increase compared to the previous elections. Consequently, the number of polling stations has been increased to 109 in 61 wilayats, some wilayats will have four centres depending on the size of the population. A total of 944 voting machines have already been distributed in all the election centres, Al Hajri said. — ONA