2 academics from Rustaq college attend Baghdad conference

Two academics from Rustaq College of Education have participated in the 2nd International Conference for Engineering and Material Sciences held at the Technological University of Baghdad, Iraq.
Dr Harith al Azri, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research, who took part in the conference as the keynote speaker, also presented a scientific paper entitled ‘Exploring the Inner World of the Nucleus’.
Dr Saad Sabbar, the Head of Scientific Research Department, presented a paper on ‘Scientific publishing and building the electronic identity of researchers’.

The conference was part of the major research activities in engineering sciences. The meet also reviewed the latest scientific developments in engineering.
Dr Harith al Azri stressed the significance of such interactive conferences.
“It is highly important to participate in such conferences as they help academics keep pace with the scientific advancements in their specialities. Such meetings also provide a forum for academics to discuss their research ideas with experienced academics and experts”.