12 new programmes for internal scholarships

Khamis al Nuaimi –
MUSCAT, July 3 –
For the first time, 12 new programmes have been chosen for internal scholarships by the Ministry of Higher Education from the academic year 2017-18.
According to Abdul Moneim bin Ahmed al Omari, Head of Internal Scholarships Department at the ministry, the programmes include Logistics, Islamic Banking, Global Supply and Logistics Management, Metal and Materials Engineering, Jewels Design, Web Design and Information Security, Regulatory and Supervisory Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Energy Economics, Transportation, Logistics and Supply Management, and Small Projects Management.
The ministry has offered 9,638 internal scholarships, including 7,000 for Bachelor degrees, 500 for female Bachelor students, 1,500 for Diplomas allocated for social security families and another 638 for individuals from low income families.
The ministry also provides scholarships and grants supported by private sector institutions as part of their social responsibility towards society.
These internal scholarships are distributed among specialisations and programmes offered by 28 private colleges and universities across the Sultanate.
Al Omari said the ministry seeks to help students, especially those
belonging to social security and low income families.