110K citizens apply for electricity subsidy

Muscat: A total of 110,000 citizens have applied for the government electricity subsidy system as of Wednesday February 10 mainly from Muscat Governorate.

The registration for electricity subsidy was made available on the website on December 20 last year and continues until the middle of this year.

Eligible citizens will receive an electricity subsidy each according to his/her category starting from January bills to be issued this month knowing that citizens earning salaries above RO 1,250 were deemed ineligible for the subsidy.

Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC) on Wednesday praised subscribers for updating property information which will reflect accurate tariffs when calculating the electricity bills.

MEDC stated that the billing info for some 100,000 residential accounts within Muscat Governorate have been ascertained, noting that the period given for updating account info continues till end of June and urged subscribers to update their information as early as possible.

The company advised both property owners and tenants who have not yet updated their account info to do so through the company’s official channels so that they can benefit from the subsidy system recently announced by the Council of Ministers.

website http://www.medcoman.com


Text by Zakaria Fikri