105 school buses fitted with safety devices

SUR: The Directorate-General of Education in South Al Sharqiyah Governorate has completed the installation of safety devices on 105 out of 296 school buses as part of a project financed by Oman LNG Development Foundation. The project is aimed to prevent accidents involving school buses. The security system includes an audio and video warning device to alert students on the bus after the driver leaves, GPS tracker to monitor bus movement and a remote control device to operate and stop the bus.

Those safety devices can detect speeding at school buses and send immediate reports to the school management. They can also monitor the students’ behaviour in and outside the bus, provide report on the driver’s commitment to the attendance system, provide the student’s parents with information on a smartphone application and provide information about the number of the students at any of the stopping points along the route. The safety devices are compatible with the ministry’s road safety project which aims to ensure the safety of students while on school buses. — ONA