1,000 children to participate in Muscat Marathon 2020

MUSCAT, MAY 5 – As many as 1,000 children from different schools in the Governorate of Al Batinah will participate in the next edition of the Muscat Marathon, sending out a strong message on the importance of following a healthy lifestyle. These children will be selected from the Omani public schools by the Ministry of Education and will comprise both boys and girls, organisers said. Talking to the Observer, Mark Geilenkirchen, CEO of Port of Sohar, said that started as part of the CSR initiatives, this will also be an awareness campaign among both the parents and students alike towards a healthy society. “We get the whole community active, our people, people from Sohar and others who are connected will be seen becoming a part of Oman’s biggest running event, Al Mouj Muscat Marathon, next January”.
“It’s not that interesting to run alone but it will be more interesting to run for a cause and in many groups. We will organise Suhar Half Marathons on our premises and we will run training camps in Suhar at regular intervals for kids and parents”, Mark said. He added that they have been participating in sports and fitness activities and this year it was the thought to do something different that kindled the idea of participating in Muscat Marathon and as Oman Sail welcomed it, 500 kids in the age brackets of 10 to 12 years were able to run in two categories such as 2 and 5 kilometres in the early morning, thanks to the Ministry of Education.
“We worked directly with the Ministry of Education and they besides sending circulars to the schools in the governorate, they also extended support to us with the logistics, plans and everything in a very short time”, Ghaniya Nasser al Maawali, Client Services Account Manager at Oman Sail, said.
“We have been supporting Sohar Port and Free Zone in their effort to “Get Sohar Active”, and recently they sponsored 500 kids to take part in the Al Mouj Muscat Marathon 2019”, said Asim al Saqri, Communication Expert of Oman Sail.
“Oman Athletes Association is conducting the same in Suhar and Salalah mini-marathons aka half marathons which is very good to get the kids engaged. Interestingly, this is the first time they were presented with medals and other recognitions for their marathon running”, Al Saqri added.
Mark further said that there have been many initiatives that seek to promote a healthy lifestyle in the governorate. Ramadhan football tourney, where 32 teams and 500 players vie for the championship, is currently under way. Selection tourneys were held last month and this will give much impetus to the people to remain fit during the holy month. Started in 2008, Al Mouj Muscat Marathon provides opportunity for all and it’s a ‘Run for All’ event and fun for all while attending to one’s ‘Fitness Quotient’.