100 Russians denied entry on first day of Ukrainian border controls

KIEV: Around 100 Russian men were denied entry to Ukraine in the first 24 hours of border controls imposed by Kiev out of fear that Russia is trying to send soldiers to stage an uprising, according to a government estimate.
There were various reasons for the entry denials, said a spokesman of the border patrol on Saturday. Some of those denied entry did not provide clear reasons for their trip. Others were only carrying Russian identity documents, as opposed to proper passports.
Russia for its part blocked 40 Ukrainians from entering its territory.
After a clash between Russian and Ukrainian government ships in the Black Sea last weekend that ended with Russia taking control of Ukrainian vessels and imprisoning Ukrainian citizens, Kiev this week instituted 30 days of martial law.
It has banned entry to all Russian men aged between 16 and 60 so long as martial law is in place. — DPA