Young Abdul better off after tough stint

MUSCAT:  Oman’s youth sailors came up with a terrific performance at the Arab Sailing Championships held recently in Abu Dhabi bagging three gold medals. Abdul Malik al Hinai, who topped the Laser 4.7 class with 18 points, spoke about the experience of competing amongst a tough pool of youth sailors from across the region.
Here are excerpts from Abdul’s exclusive e-mail interview with Oman Daily Observer’s Haridev Pushparaj. Read more..

1)Tell me about the challenge of competing with the best young sailors in the region?..
A) The challenge was very tough and I had to double the effort mentally and physically to keep up with the strong competition.

2) What did you learn from the experience?…
A)    This was an opportunity to compete against some of the best sailors, and I feel it gave me a chance to up my sailing skills one more step.

3) How did you prepare for the event?…
A)    Before going into the competition, we had very intensive training sessions with the help of our experienced instructors.

4) Did your training programme at Oman Sail help you come up with a good performance and how?…
A)    Of course! Our training at Oman Sail helped us a lot to get to where we are now. Looking back at how I was and the results I am making today, I think the difference is quite big and I thank the instructors and Oman Sail for this.

5) Where do you think you can improve further in terms of your skills?..
A)    I always think that development has no limit and I always try to develop my sailing skills and techniques by learning from new experiences and getting tips from experts.

6) How much of an influence has Mohsin al Busaidi, youth programme manager, been on your development as sailors?..
A)    Mohsin has offered me a great deal of his experience and that was critical to my development and my current achievements. He will remain a figure of inspiration to us.

7) What are your upcoming events and how do you see the new year panning for you?..
A)    I think 2017 will be a better year and I hope to get more chances to compete locally and internationally so we can raise the Omani flag high.