Yemen peace talks in Geneva in balance

Geneva: Scheduled peace talks in Geneva between Yemen’s government and Ansar Allah hung in the balance on Thursday as both sides traded ultimatums and a UN envoy scrambled to mediate.
The Ansar Allah delegation, still in Sanaa, insisted the UN must meet a list of conditions before it will travel to Switzerland, prompting government representatives already in Geneva to give the Ansar Allah a 24-hour deadline or it “will leave”.
UN envoy Martin Griffiths, who said the planned meeting offered a “flickering signal of hope” for an end to the years-long conflict, had to postpone the start of the talks.
“He continues to make efforts to overcome obstacles to allow the consultations to go forward,” his office said in a statement on Thursday, adding that Griffiths remained “hopeful” the Ansar Allah would come.
The Geneva talks are meant to be the first since 2016, when 108 days of negotiations between the government of Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi and fighters failed to yield a deal. — AFP