Y-Peer Oman promotes physical activity, marks Youth Day

SALALAH/MUSCAT: Y-Peer Oman is supporting the Ministry of Health, this year, in its health campaign ‘Health Begins with a Footstep’, to promote physical activity across Oman. The Y-Peer youth peer education network has been pioneered by UNFPA in 2002 and is working in the field of reproductive health in 52 countries throughout the world including Oman.
Members of Y-Peer are young people, active peer educators, trainers of trainers and youth advocates of young people’s reproductive health. Since 2008, Y-Peer Oman has been involved in many educational campaigns on topics such as HIV awareness, reproductive health and car safety.
Physical inactivity is a risk factor of many non-communicable diseases that are widespread in Oman, such as diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancers.
According to a Ministry of Health census, 37 per cent of Omanis are physically inactive, compared to 31 per cent worldwide. This figure, and its negative impact on the general health of the human body, prompted the Ministry of Health to focus its efforts on combating this epidemic.
A group of 10 members of Y-Peer Oman travelled to Salalah for 10 days to actively encourage members of society to perform physical activities such as walking, jogging, house chores, swimming and other medium- intensity exercises.
The group also provided a short electronic survey to better understand the level of people’s knowledge on the situation of physical inactivity in Oman, and their current level of physical activity.
Y-Peer Oman also organised some competitions of badminton, tug of war and jumping ropes to attract children and younger members of society to exercise. The activities were situated outside the Ministry of Health’s corner, where Y-Peer members directed people to receive a free comprehensive health check-up for all visitors of the Salalah Tourism Festival.
Y-Peer Oman also joined the international network of youth organisations in celebrating International Youth Day (August 12). Fifteen members of Y-Peer Oman successfully organised a family beach day in Athaiba on Friday, in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports Affairs. The activities included a circuit of 6 stations, where 16 teams registered to compete and participate in activities such as tug of war, water bucket challenge, sprint race and other challenges to promote more people to exercise.
Y-Peer Oman also created a short video where each member described youth in a single word, which they hope to share soon. A volunteer photographer Syed Mohamed Hassan provided coverage for the entire event. For more information on Y-Peer Oman, please follow their Instagram page: ypeer_oman.