World Cup mania

Shared Thoughts

Since day one of the ongoing world cup matches, the mother of Junior thinks I have been behaving like a sensible husband. The sophisticated lady is happy because these days I turn home early to take part in the madness called watching World Cup matches on television.
She is considering writing to FIFA to suggest those matches be played every day of the year. The mother of Junior finds it strange to see her husband suddenly finding something reasonable in grown up men chasing an inflated piece of leather. She even sees it more bizarre that the father of Junior, who is old enough to become a grandfather, should out of the blue cheer somebody just because he has kicked a piece of leather through goal posts.
As I continue to enjoy the World Cup, there is one person who is not at all amused by the whole saga – my Boss. He says that all my work has been piling up in the pending tray by staying away from the office just to watch a box called television as grown up men throw legs this way and that way in search of a spherical object made of leather. He is fond of using the word ‘procrastinate’ all the time he sees me. You see, my boss in a fit of his usual mercy, does not normally allow me even a few minutes off. This boss of mine is calling me a ‘lazy bunch of bones’ and is threatening to markdown my year-end performance bonus. Well, come what may, he won’t see me in my usual charisma until after the 15th of July when the World Cup series is over.
On the other hand, the mother of Junior is all smiling and telling the other womenfolk in the neighbourhood that her children’s father is no longer the creature who used to arrive home very late from work. She is even spreading this rumour that I am considering to change my job if my current boss continues to disrespect my work-life balance. As proof of this, she is saying that I have taken to borrowing a news paper from the neighbours on a daily basis just to find those Job advertisements that are not workaholic. For those who don’t know her, she has the ability of being a good liar just in order to backup her argument.
The other person who seems unhappy with this soccer mania is the shopkeeper at the corner where I always open my wallet from. He says that I have joined the enemies of development by staying away from the shop just to watch men fighting for a thing that is made from animal’s skin and inflated with air. This shopkeeper is calling me a traitor and is also threatening to discontinue the credit facilities that he has been extending to me.
As you can see, I am living the excitement of the World Cup but I am caught in between the shopkeeper and the two individuals. One at the office who is not happy with me leaving the office early and the other at home smiling very happily to see me returning home early. Have a nice weekend and enjoy the World Cup matches.