Workshop analyses conditions of women at work

May 1 – A three-day training workshop on capacity building for employees from the Department of Women Affairs and Family Development at the Ministry of Social Development in different governorates was held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Muscat.

The workshop focuses on analysing the social and economic conditions of cases of women and the regulations aimed at welfare.

Asr Toson, representative, UNFPA sub-regional office for GCC, said that the workshop is a reflection of the policy of the government in Oman that pays attention to the role of women and supporting their activities in all areas of life. The government conducts several development programmes focusing on developing women status and advancing her skills to be an effective citizen and part and parcel of the sustainable development process.

The training programme comes under the long term co-operation framework between the fund and the Ministry of Social Development where the UNFPA provided technical assistance upon request.

This training programme supports the skills of the workers at the Department of Woman Affairs at the Ministry and the other family development departments in all governorates so they are able to analyse issues that affect women in the country.

Omani woman enjoys many privileges as she participated in the inclusive development process along with men counterparts.