Wondering how to get a job after graduation? Learn skills by joining university activities

For many graduating students in the country today, the number one concern is how to successfully land a job right after graduation. Despite the help from the government and the refinement of the Omanisation programme, the challenge is how to have competitive edge against all others applying for the same job.
And year by year, the competition is only going to get even harder and a piling number of graduates not landing a job means even a harsher competition to those just graduating from university.
All educational institutions on the country developed different programmes that would help their students successfully land a job. These programmes were designed to help develop student personalities and not only improved their intellectual capacity but their physical attributes as well.
The secret however in acquiring these different skillsets is for students to avail the programme.
Graduate of College of Economics and Political Science from SQU, Fatima shared that she is one who was able to used what she learned from these programmes to her advantage.
“I’d been involved in more than six student groups when I was in the university. These groups had different learning programmes of which helped me acquire specific skills and true enough, I was already employed a week before my graduation,” she shared.
“She said that as fresh members of the workforce, having the skills and personality traits allow companies to be at ease in hiring you,” she said.
Fatima said that getting involved in different activities help to create a network of knowledge and people who contribute to building a learning environment full of values, ideas, opinions, and personality development.
This was seconded by another fresh graduate, Al Kindi, who confirmed that improving one’s skillset and personality by joining university programmes centred around personal improvement is the best way to go for students hoping to land a job right away after finishing university.
Munir bin Hamad al Sawai, lawyer at The Office of Mohammed al Rukishi Lawyers and Advisers In The Law, said that the time has passed that being a graduate alone is sufficient for a job.
He shared, “employers nowadays have already increased skillset requirements for jobs.” He said that due to the number of graduates and the scarcity of the job, employers have now the option to be very selective.
“I feel sad when I see a young applicant, who despite graduating, does not have anything in their CV that reflects their skills. Sometimes, they put skills on the CV but when they work, it’s not apparent,” Al Sawai said.
Issa bin Saeed al Salti, head of Student Advisory Council in Arab Open located in Muscat, believes that student who joins different university programmes and student activities also grow in character learning not only strength of character but patience, hardwork and dedication to overcome challenges as well.
Al Salati said that students who develop reasoning, analysis, thinking and problem solving skills often edge out their peers who exert no effort to make themselves better.
Al Salati also said that the learning should start with the student himself. From this motivation, comes the learning.