Woman held for boasting of driving at 200 km/hour

 A woman boasting of driving at 200 kmh and posting a photo of the same on social media (SnapChat) was arrested by the Royal Oman Police, represented by Directorate-General of Traffic, on Monday.
Sending a strong message, the police said legal action will be taken against the perpetrator of the reckless act.
The ROP also urged all road users to abide by traffic rules to make roads safer for users.
Earlier, the authorities had arrested an Omani woman for threatening her husband through a private radio station. Both these cases have been referred to the authorities for legal proceedings.
Saleh Jawad says anyone boasting of speeding at 200 kmh should be charged for posing risk to others’ lives. “But there should be a thorough probe to find out whether she was only boasting or driving at that speed.”
According to Laila, a receptionist at a private firm: “Contents shared on social media can be accessed by unintended people and go viral beyond imagination. I am not sure about the rules, but there should be a line of restriction.”
An article under Omani cyber law stipulates imprisonment for a period not less than one year and not exceeding three years, shall be applied to any person who uses the information network in trespassing on families and individuals by taking photographs.

Vinod Nair