Woman held after UK knife attack

Barnsley: British police arrested a woman on Saturday after she chased a man through a shopping district with a large knife before stabbing him, in an incident that raised fears of terrorism. “One woman has been arrested and remains in police custody following reports of a stabbing in Barnsley town centre” in northern England, South Yorkshire Police said in a statement. “One man suffered minor injuries. No other injuries have been reported at this time.” Assistant Chief Constable Tim Forber said officers were “keeping an open mind as to the motivation”, adding that they were “receiving support” from a local counter-terrorism unit.

Market stall holder Terry Ellis said he saw a woman with a “big knife, (measuring) about 12 inches” running after a man and shouting “kill, kill, kill”. Another trader, Abdul Razak, added: “This lady followed this man saying I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you.” Other local traders said the stabbing, initially declared by police as a “serious incident”, caused the covered market and other parts of the town centre to be “locked down”. Britain is on high alert after a string of deadly terror attacks, many involving knives. — AFP