Wildlife documentary series every Tuesday during Ramadhan

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs is screening a series of documentaries every Tuesday during Ramadhan in its premises with a view to increasing awareness about environmental issues. The films generally highlight several topics related to understanding animal behaviour and the importance of conserving animal habitats and maintaining ecological balance. Sand, Wind and Stars was the title of the second documentary displayed this week.

It is the first part of the Arabian Wildlife series which showcases wild animals including the Arabian oryx, Jerboa, night shining scorpions, guzzles and many more. The film deals with and wild animals’ struggle for survival in the wilderness and how they adapt to changing climates and natural upheavals. It also showcases the Bedouin lifestyle in the desert and how, long ago, Omanis organised and regulated the Aflaj and used them to irrigate their farms and orchards.