Wilayat show A walk down memory lane

Muscat, Jan 18 –

The show of cultural diversities, traditional music, and cuisines and above all, the uniqueness of various wilayats of the Sultanate has been a crowd puller at the Amerat Park.
While the daily shows have been a window to many to learn the life in a bygone era, for elders it is reliving the times of yesterday and reminiscing their childhood days of togetherness and recalling their friends of whom some are no more today.
“The Barka Wilayat show on Thursday was so close to my heart because I’m born and brought up in Barka and the cultural show took me some fifty years back traversing through the days we spent with childhood friends”, Amour Julanda al Balushi, a septuagenarian who now lives with his daughter in Amerat remembered.
An assortment of paintings from Barka adds colour to the show. Added to it, students from Al Amal School have made their presence felt with group of paintings portraying images of the wilayat spanning some four decades.

Barka is known to be the oasis of the region with lots of crops and other farm produce thanks to the fertile soil and water availability. Huge varieties of the most widely used crops, lemon, palm and banana are showcased at the Barka pavilion. The display of ag-ricultural environment is an ode to the past lifestyle.

The life of nomads is characterised by simplicity in living and often from the use of the elements of environment and the house in which they live which are made of palm fiber and wool is a testimony to their life in harmony with the nature. They possess a unique and a traditional style of hospitality which is a must to experience.

Women from Barka have a vast dedicated area to showcase their home products, crafts and artefacts. Their village products such as incense, perfume and clothing, traditional, unique cuisine, as well as the traditional Omani costume, accessories along with some ornaments are put on show to the generation next to understand their heritage.
These crafts are skillfully arranged and in perfect harmony between the past and the present. Many characters in the marine environment such as fishing nets, boat manufacturing, cages, and sea fishing also attracted the festival visitors.