What’s in your wardrobe dilemmas

Sayeh Woodman –
sayehwoodman@outlook.com –

People often think of personal styling as elitist and unaffordable – a luxury even. After all we have been getting dressed for years as standard so why would they ask someone for help?
Unfortunately, many of us struggle with this simple, daily task and dread opening our wardrobes or going shopping. What used to be passed down through the generations is perhaps becoming a fading tradition.
Now, people are having it easy by having someone hand to them what to put on eliminating all doubts when it comes to what to wear.
We all have different tastes and styles when it comes to clothes and for each individual, it’s a personal thing.
Having tailors in Muscat, I found, was not only brilliant but made life so much easier. If you wanted clothes being taken in, shortened or if you wanted a dress created, you are spoilt for choice and the turnaround time was great and the cost was excellent. Here in the UK, tailors are sparse and very expensive. To get a leg shortened or skirt shortened by an inch for example, you would expect to pay 9 rial for that job here.
Anyway, what’s in your wardrobe?
There are many advantages to hiring a stylist and when you’re a celebrity you can afford one and the choice is out of your hands. Nice and easy. But most of us don’t have the celebrity pay cheque so here are some ways to get wardrobe clever.
Sometimes its knowing what colours suit you best, or knowing about what works for your body and what doesn’t’. Creating your own style that is different from anyone else’s is a great tip. Depending exactly how they want to express themselves with their clothes. I’ve been told this is style personality.
Every person has one; men and women alike, and we should all have a clear understanding of what this is. Is your style more romantic, soft, flowy material with a gently hippy vibe or is more natural with simple fabrics, minimal fuss sand maximum comfort? Classic style women prefer clean, simple lines and stay away from fashion trends, while the creative style personality dresses to be noticed with flair and edge being their theme.
Then there’s the professional looking woman, who want to infuse more of their style personality into the boardroom. This is such a fulfilling quest as corporate uniforms can stifle so much of our individuality, even with glamming it up with nail varnish, in some institutes accessories and make up is not allowed.
A new hair cut that you love or a gorgeous dress can supersize your energy for the day. Confidence is so attractive more than aesthetic beauty in my book so while we all can’t look like Claudia Schiffer, we can all possess the beauty of knowing who we are that we have worth and are not afraid to let that show. Not only in the wardrobe but our very selves.